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Clinton's 2008 Donors List

[given to Acorn after she dropped out of Presidential race in order to help raise money for the Obama campaign]

Ronna A Freiberg 6306 32nd St NW WashingtonDC20015P2008Information RequestedInformation Requested$4,600.0006/12/2007$2,300.00
Thomas A Gottschalk 655 15th St NW WashingtonDC20005P2008Information RequestedInformation Requested$2,300.0006/30/2007$2,300.00
John A Hall 1229 Connecticut Ave NW WashingtonDC20036P2008Paul Hastings Janofskyattorney$2,300.0001/25/2007$2,300.00
Deborah A Harding 2500 Q St NW Apt 233 WashingtonDC20007P2008Nemetselzk N.A.QA Engineer$4,600.0003/28/2007$2,300.00
Kathryn A Mihalich 5335 Wisconsin Ave NW Ste 600WashingtonDC20015P2008Self-EmployedInformation Requested$3,300.0002/28/2007$2,300.00
Brent A Mundt 1707 C St NE WashingtonDC20002P2008Ricchetti IncPresident$4,600.0002/20/2007$2,300.00
Ernest A Nagy 4700 Connecticut Ave NW Apt 303WashingtonDC20008P2008Self employedAttorney$2,300.0002/01/2007$2,300.00
Ernest A Nagy 4700 Connecticut Ave NW Apt 303WashingtonDC20008P2008SelfArt Dealer$4,300.0002/05/2007$2,300.00
Kimberly A Pate 1155 23rd St NW Apt 3L WashingtonDC20037P2008Not employedHomemaker$4,600.0003/20/2007$2,300.00
Ray A Quintero 1300 N St NW Apt 515 WashingtonDC20005P2008Lowenstein Sandler PcAttorney$4,600.0003/31/2007$2,300.00
Ivan A Schlager 5135 Tilden St NW WashingtonDC20016G2008Information RequestedInformation Requested$2,000.0003/28/2007$2,000.00
Ivan A Schlager 5135 Tilden St NW WashingtonDC20016P2008The Knot IncCEO$2,000.0003/20/2007$2,000.00
Pauline A Schneider 3050 K St NW WashingtonDC20007P2008Not employedRetired$2,000.0003/22/2007$2,000.00
Samuel A Simon 919 18th St NW WashingtonDC20006P2008Information RequestedInformation Requested$1,500.0006/18/2007$1,500.00
Henry A Terhune 1333 New Hampshire Ave NW WashingtonDC20036P2008John Coffey & Sons Inc.Contractor$1,000.0006/30/2007$1,000.00
Caren A Wilcox 3241 Klingle Rd NW WashingtonDC20008P2008Bell Boyd & Lloyd LLPPartner$1,000.0006/06/2007$1,000.00
Robert A Ades 1140 Connecticut Ave NW WashingtonDC20036P200847th BroadwayInformation Requested$1,000.0006/30/2007$1,000.00
Joseph A Bellanti 3800 Reservoir Rd NW WashingtonDC20007P2008Wheaton CollegeProfessor$1,000.0003/27/2007$1,000.00
Richard A Bolandz 1230 23rd St NW Apt 908 Apartment 908WashingtonDC20037P2008Not employedHomemaker$1,000.0002/23/2007$1,000.00
Richard A Bolandz 1230 23rd St NW Apt 908 Apartment 908WashingtonDC20037G2008Self employedRestaurant$1,000.0003/19/2007$1,000.00
Donald A Brown 3005 Audubon Ter NW WashingtonDC20008P2008Information RequestedInformation Requested$1,000.0003/31/2007$1,000.00
Donald A Brown 3005 Audubon Ter NW WashingtonDC20008G2008VPML Health SystemAttorney$1,000.0003/22/2007$1,000.00
Timothy A Chorba 2550 M St NW WashingtonDC20037G2008Self employedInformation Requested$800.0006/06/2007$800.00
Timothy A Chorba 2550 M St NW WashingtonDC20037P2008JB 3 IncExecutive Vice President$1,100.0006/09/2007$800.00
Sylvia A De Leon 1333 New Hampshire Ave NW Ste 400WashingtonDC20036G2008Steven Cjocaru IncPresident$500.0006/19/2007$500.00
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