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Clinton's 2008 Donors List

[given to Acorn after she dropped out of Presidential race in order to help raise money for the Obama campaign]

Brian Weinberger 6120 Grey Rock Rd Agoura HillsCA91301G2008Bardley CorpDept Aide$625.0005/25/2007$50.00
Garry Parmett 5805 Oak Beal Ln #311 AgouraCA91301P2008Information RequestedInformation Requested$4,600.0003/22/2007$2,300.00
Nocl Tasooji 3109 Triunfo Canyon Rd AgouraCA91301P2008SFIACCOUNTANT$260.0006/01/2007$100.00
Carl Dewilde 4975 Morris Ave Apt 3340 Apartment 3340AddisonTX75001P2008Information RequestedInformation Requested$500.0006/22/2007$500.00
Chickasaw Nation 2020 Lonnie Abbott Blvd AdaOK74820P2008SF Managers LLCInvestments$4,600.0003/28/2007$2,300.00
Chickasaw Nation 2020 Lonnie Abbott Blvd AdaOK74820G2008Source Financing Investors LLCAssociate$4,600.0003/28/2007$2,300.00
Carol Smith 1200 S Monte Vista St AdaOK74820P2008Two Twelve Associates, Inc.Chief Financial Officer$4,300.0002/09/2007$1,500.00
Terrence Maitland 100 Martin St ActonMA17203P2008Bluhammock MusicBus Owner$2,300.0003/22/2007$2,300.00
Dogu Celebi 10 Simon Willard Rd ActonMA17203P2008Haight, BrownAttorney$1,000.0003/22/2007$1,000.00
Terrence Maitland 100 Martin St ActonMA17203P2008Kerwin AssociatesLegal Recruiter$250.0005/04/2007$250.00
Brendan Binder 1587 Markin Rd AblingtonPA19001P2008Self EmployedAttorney$2,300.0005/19/2007$2,300.00
Brendan Binder 1587 Markin Rd AblingtonPA19001G2008Self employedPhotographer$4,800.0005/23/2007$2,300.00
M Carchedi 1169 Old York Rd AbingtonPA19001P2008Information RequestedInformation Requested$2,300.0006/18/2007$2,300.00
Joseph Hoeffell II1908 Lycoming Ave AbingtonPA19001P2008Not employedRetired$4,600.0002/20/2007$2,300.00
Belinda Beckett 1522 39th Street 65816P2008News CorpPresident and COO$4,600.0006/15/2007$2,300.00
Michelle Berger 50 Park Place P2008Cooper Fund Inc.President$4,600.0006/21/2007$2,300.00
P2008MicrostrategyInformation Requested$2,000.0006/30/2007$1,000.00
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