Obama 2007 2nd Quarter Donor List

Here is the Obama 2007 2nd Quarter Obama Donor List given to Anita Moncrief by ACORN in order to target Maxed Out Presidential donors for the Obama campaign. Campaign finance laws set a limit of $2,300 per donor. The Obama campaign skirted FEC laws by allowing Donors to give to ACORN instead of the official Obama campaign. This was to allow Donors to give more than the Federally required maximum of giving of $2300 per individual. This list was generated after Obama turned off address verification on his website.

This list was more congruent than the list the Obama campaign gave to the FEC, and Obama has not to this day turned over any donors to the FEC under $200 donations.

We invite Researchers to analyze this data and find any anomalies - false addresses, repetitive company donations under $200, fake names, etc. This explosive story was ignored by the New York Times before the 2008 election. Should we ignore this "blind eye" of the Obama campaign again? It is against the law for Presidential Candidates to receive donations from foreigners, non-U.S. citizens. Researchers are invited to examine if these laws were broken, since there is no address verification of donations.

This website is in the spirit of a whistleblower, with the purpose of providing the Public with an accurate history of the actions of the Obama campaign in 2008. It is pertinent to allegations currently of Obama's 2012 campaign not asking for CVV (3 digit code verification on the back of a credit card) or address verification for its website donors.

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